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Recover Hair

Avoid hair loss

Recovering hair with hair growth products is increasingly common. Baldness is a problem that affects men and women, but especially men, at an early age. Currently it is estimated that 60% of men begin to have hair loss problems before reaching the age of 35, which in many cases results in the need to recover the hair that has been lost. From Uphairs, we offer the best products to enhance hair recovery and prevent baldness.

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    Foligain trioxidil for men

    3 months treatment at 10% trioxidil that regenerates hair growth very effectively.

    - Effectively stops hair loss. - 59 ml.
    - Easy application. - Promotes the growth of new hair.
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    Foligain Trioxidil Woman

    3 months treatment at 10% trioxidil that regenerates hair growth very effectively.

    - Effectively stops hair loss. - 59 ml.
    - Easy application. - Promotes the growth of new hair.
  • Spectral DNC-N

    Spectral DNC-N is treatment made up of Nanoxidil 5% that regenerates hair growth. It is a new alternative to those Nanoxidil treatments that sometimes dry up the scalp.


    - Easy application.  - Liquid format.
    - It does not contain Minoxidil.  - It contains Nanoxidil.
    - For men and women.  - It regenerates the hair.
    - 60ml format.  - It lasts a month aprox.
  • Spectral DNC-S

    Spectral DNC-S is one of the most effective treatments to optimise hair and prevent thinning.

    - 60 ml. - Thicken hair.
    - With Copper for pigmentation. - For men and women.
  • Spectral CSF

    Spectral CSF is a treatment aimed at women with fine hair problems. As the final product of research into the biology of the female hair follicle, this formulation optimises therapy with unique requirements.

    - Only for women. - Thickens and strengthens the follicle.
    - Prevents fall. - 60ml.
  • Revita stimulating shampoo

    The Revita Stimulating Shampoo stops hair loss and increases the vitality of your scalp improving its health.


    - Easy application.  - It thickens your hair.
    - It provides volume.  - It delays hair loss.
    - Nice smell.  - 205ml format.
  • Stamiker Shampoo

    The Stamiker shampoo is composed of plant stem cells and keratin.

    - Regenerator. - Anti-aging.
    - Repairing. - 250 ml.
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    Foligain tablets

    Foligain Vitamins are a nutritional supplement to prevent hair loss in both men and women.


    - It extends the life of the hair.  - It hydrates and improves the scalp.
    - Formato 120 cápsulas.  - Vitamins for men and women.
    - It does not contain gluten.  - Suitable for vegans.
  • Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements for...

    Viviscal Women's Supplements Contains AminomarC, a protein component that treats hair from its growth.


    - It hydrates the hair.  - It accelerates growth.
    - More shine. - 250 ml format.
  • Revita Tablets

    Revita tablets is a food supplement that reduces hair loss by promoting hair growth. Thanks to the nutrients and antioxidants that form it, it keeps your hair healthy.

    - Vitamins for hair. - Take 1 capsule a day.
    - 30 capsules format. - It extends the life of your hair.
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    Kapilab Stimulating Shampoo

    Kapilab Stimulating Shampoo has been designed to stop hair loss and show off healthy hair. Stimulates healthy hair growth and delays hair loss.

    - Clean in depth. - 360 ml.
    - Healthy Hair. - Thickens the hair.
  • Complete pack Kapilab 12g

    This pack contains a 12.5g bottle of Kapilab hair fibers + Lacquer + Applicator + Comb + shampoo + conditioner.Kapilab 12.5g Hair Fibres hide baldness in a few seconds. They can be used by both men and women. Using Kapilab Hair Fibres 12.5g you will increase the thickness of your hair and add volume in those areas where hair is scarce.

    - Natural finish. - Easy application.
    - Dermatologically tested. - Various Formats.
    - Easy removal. - Adheres to hair.
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