Lacquers and Sprays

Hair fiber hairspray increases the hold of the fiber on your hair.

Get the best hair accessories for your fibers. Fix your fibers better with hair fiber lacquers and hide baldness.

  • Kosswell Gas-free Lacquer

    Koswell Gas-Free lacquer provides a strong fixation for the final touch of your hairstyle. It provides an instantaneous fixation with a 100% natural aspect.

    - For men and women. - It fixes the hair.
    - It can be used to fix the hair fibres. - Ecological.
  • Fiberhold spray

    The Toppik Fiberhold Spray Lacquer has been specially designed to keep Toppik's hair fibres adhered to the hair for a longer time. With this lacquer you will achieve a natural hold without shine or residue.


    - Liquid lacquer.      - Pleasant fragrance.
    - Long duration.      - Fast dry.
    - 118ml format.      - To use with Toppik fibres.
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    Kapilab Fixing Lacquer

    The Kapilab Fixing Lacquer has been designed to achieve a better fixation of the Kapilab Hair Fibers in the hair. After its application, it will ensure that the fibres last longer in your hair and remain fixed in rain or wind. 100% natural hold.

    - Greater Fixation. - Valid for all formats.
    - Ideal to add volume. - 250 ml.