Find the best hair loss shampoo

The best hair loss shampoos to stop hair loss. Increase the thickness and health of your hair thanks to our anti-hair loss shampoos. Our shampoos are indicated to stop hair loss and increase the thickness of your weak and dull hair.

  • Kapilab Stimulating Shampoo
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    Kapilab Stimulating Shampoo

    Kapilab Stimulating Shampoo has been designed to stop hair loss and show off healthy hair. Stimulates healthy hair growth and delays hair loss.

    - Clean in depth. - 360 ml.
    - Healthy Hair. - Thickens the hair.
  • Kosswell Regenerating Shampoo

    Kosswell Regenerating Shampoo

    Shampoo enriched with vitamins and active ingredients created to combat hair loss.

    - Prevents falling. - Provides shine and vitality.
    - Cleanses the scalp. - Format: 500 ml.
  • Foligain sr anti-hair loss... Foligain sr anti-hair loss...

    Foligain sr anti-hair loss shampoo

    The Foligain Sr Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo prevents hair loss thanks to its formula.

    - It favours the growth. - It prevents hair loss.
    - It improves the health of the hair. - 236ml format.
  • Revita stimulating shampoo Revita stimulating shampoo

    Revita stimulating shampoo

    The Revita Stimulating Shampoo stops hair loss and increases the vitality of your scalp improving its health.


    - Easy application.  - It thickens your hair.
    - It provides volume.  - It delays hair loss.
    - Nice smell.  - 205ml format.
  • Stamiker Shampoo

    The Stamiker shampoo is composed of plant stem cells and keratin.

    - Regenerator. - Anti-aging.
    - Repairing. - 250 ml.
  • Hair loss shampoo Cito Complex Montibello

    Montibello anti-hair loss shampoo

    Soft Shampoo composed of surfactants that take care and protect sensitive scalps.


    - It strengthens. - It restructure the capilar fibre.
    - It energises. - 300 ml.
  • Foligain anti-hair loss pack Foligain anti-hair loss pack
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    Foligain anti-hair loss pack

    The Foligain Anti-Hair Loss Pack prevents hair loss thanks to its anti DHT formula. Its components help capilar growth by contributing to an improvement to hair health.


    - It nourishes the hair. - It thickens the hair.
    - Dermatologically tested. - Saving pack.
    €49.50 €53.00