Hair Fibers Accessories

Fiber accessories

Apply your hair fibers with the best accessories to obtain a 100% professional result. Save on each application with our accessories for hair fibers.

  • Kapilab Accessories Pack Kapilab Accessories Pack

    Kapilab Accessories Pack

    The Kapilab Accessories Kit consists of an applicator and a comb. The applicator can be used with all sizes of Kapilab Hair Fibres. Using this kit you will achieve a more optimal result when applying your fibres and a 100% natural finish.

    - Greater precision. - Valid for all formats.
    - Ideal to add volume. - Save fibres in every application.
  • Hairline Optimizer

    Toppik Hairline Optimizer

    Toppik Hairline Optimizer is a comb designed to apply Toppik Hair Fibres to the front of the head, helping to achieve a much more natural appearance by simulating the shape of the bangs.


    - Natural finish.  - Easy to use..
    - For men and women.  - For use with Toppik Fibres.


  • Coctelera para fibras Toppik

    Shaker for Toppik fibers

    If you have highlights and need to mix two types of fiber tones, with this measuring shaker with Eurostil graduation.

  • Toppik Hair Perfecting Duo Toppik Hair Perfecting Duo
    • On sale!

    Toppik Hair Perfecting Duo

    Get solutions for your hair loss problems with a professional finish and saving product in each application thanks to its applicator valid for the 12 gr and 27.50 gr formats of Toppik microfibres. With this pack you will save when buying your Toppik products.