What are hair fibers?

Hair fibers are used by those who want to hide their baldness. Next, we solve all your doubts about hair fibers, what they are made of, how to use them, what is the best-selling brand, etc.

The main ingredient in hair fibers is a protein of animal origin, called keratin . Keratin is a protein that constitutes the outermost layer of nails and hair, being the maximum responsible for the health of our hair. It is important that the keratin contained in the hair fiber is of good quality, since the final result when applying the fiber depends on it.


How do hair fibers adhere to our hair?

The electrostatic charge that the capillary microfibers have allows a natural and lasting adherence to our hair. It is an easy way to improve your appearance in a few seconds and hide your baldness. You only have to worry about finding the most suitable color for your hair within the wide range of shades that all brands have.

One of the most common doubts is whether hair fibers have any side effects or cause any damage to the scalp. The answer is no, since they come from a natural protein as we explained above, so it does not have any side effects or harm our scalp.

kapilab kapilab 

How to use hair fibers?

For optimal fixation it is necessary to have a little hair, with a length of at least 1 cm. In this way, the hair fibers adhere to that hair. Once adhered, the hair fibers do not leave any type of stain nor should they fall on your clothes. When greater fixation is required, such as external factors such as wind or rain, we always recommend using the fixing spray or fixing lacquer. To remove the hair fibers from the hair, it is only necessary to take a shower. Just as they are fixed in a few seconds, they also disappear in a few seconds.

In this video you will see how easy it is to apply hair fibers. This video is about Kapilab hair fibers, one of the best brands in the market and the best sellers in all of Europe.

What brand of fiber is the most used?

The currently best-selling hair fiber brand is Kapilab. Customers base their recommendations on the naturalness of hair fiber, but the truth is that this fiber also has one of the most competitive prices in the world. market.

Our clients give 5 stars to Kapilab, because the quality of the fiber is quite good and the tonality of its colors are very natural. They are also very satisfied with its price.

Here are some references to some of the best-selling brands on the market.

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Kapilab has been awarded as the best fiber of the year 2019. Fiber that occupies the first position in our ranking.


Caboki is a 100% natural hair fiber. Users give this fiber a high score for its quality and the naturalness of its finish .


It is a brand that has been going strong. It is a hair fiber based on 100% natural ingredients. It provides a greater volume and is having a very good reception.

densitee .jpg
nanogen .jpg


Toppik achieves very good quality results on the hair. We place it third in our score.


It is one of the oldest brands on the market, but of a much lower quality than the other microfibers that we have mentioned.


These hair fibers contain a wide variety of colors. In terms of quality, our users place it far below other brands.

After trying all these brands during several applications, our experience places Kapilab in first place. Since the hair fibers do not clump and the finish is very natural. In addition, it is a brand manufactured in Europe that meets all European quality standards, unlike other brands that are manufactured in China. It also has a small boat format that you can take anywhere. By clicking here you can see all their products.