Capillary stimulator

Hair stimulators

The best hair stimulators to regenerate your hair. Increases the activity of hair follicles to promote healthy and strong hair.

  • Spectral lash stimulating

    Stimulating for eyelashes growth. Thanks to its innovative peptides complex, it guarantees its growth, getting longer and abundant lashes in just 4 weeks.


    - Clinically tested. - No Bimatoprost nor latanoprost.
    - Easy application.  - 2.4ml. format.
  • Roller Hair Stimulator

    The Roller Hair Stimulator is a massager. It acts on the scalp to improve the effectiveness of the anti-hair loss treatments that you are using.

    - Easy to use. - Does not cause pain or leave scars.
    - Stimulates growth. - For men and women.