Roller Hair Stimulator
  • Roller Hair Stimulator
Roller Hair Stimulator

Roller Hair Stimulator

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The Roller Hair Stimulator is a massager. It acts on the scalp to improve the effectiveness of the anti-hair loss treatments that you are using.

- Easy to use. - Does not cause pain or leave scars.
- Stimulates growth. - For men and women.


Thanks to their innovative design, the micro needles precisely penetrate the skin without causing pain, irritating the scalp or leaving any scar. Titanium Dermaroller with 0.5mm Microneedles, 540 Needle/p>

capilar roller

Mode of use

  1. - It cannot be used in areas where you have infections such as herpes, acne, or areas where you have inflammation of the skin.
  2. - Compatible with hair loss treatments.
  3. - This product is not designed to be used on children or animals. Keep out of reach of them.


The Hair Roller Stimulator improves hair regeneration.

  1. - It stimulates the scalp and repairs it.
  2. - Improves the absorption of treatments applied to recover hair.
  3. - Provides volume.

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