Vitamins to recovery hair

Vitamins for hair

The best vitamins to restore hair. Meet our wide range of vitamins for hair growth. Get to stop hair loss and regenerate your healthy and strong hair.

  • Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements for...

    Viviscal Women's Supplements Contains AminomarC, a protein component that treats hair from its growth.


    - It hydrates the hair.  - It accelerates growth.
    - More shine. - 250 ml format.
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    Foligain tablets

    Foligain Vitamins are a nutritional supplement to prevent hair loss in both men and women.


    - It extends the life of the hair.  - It hydrates and improves the scalp.
    - Formato 120 cápsulas.  - Vitamins for men and women.
    - It does not contain gluten.  - Suitable for vegans.
  • Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements for Men

    Viviscal Accessories controls the fall of your hair helping to strengthen it from the roots.


    - Control of hair loss.  - Hair growth.
    - 60 tablets. - Natural ingredients.


  • Revita Tablets

    Revita tablets is a food supplement that reduces hair loss by promoting hair growth. Thanks to the nutrients and antioxidants that form it, it keeps your hair healthy.

    - Vitamins for hair. - Take 1 capsule a day.
    - 30 capsules format. - It extends the life of your hair.
  • Kapilab Tablets

    Kapilab Vitamins are made up of natural ingredients that improve hair, skin and nails.

    - Gluten free. - Natural Ingredients.
    - Healthy Hair. - 30 capsules