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Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements for Men

Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements for Men

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Viviscal Accessories controls the fall of your hair helping to strengthen it from the roots.


- Control of hair loss.  - Hair growth.
- 60 tablets. - Natural ingredients.



Viviscal offers the best hair solution for men, a complex of hair vitamins to stop hair loss and strengthen hair growth, thanks to its natural ingredients such as marine amino amino C, zinc, vitamin C and horsetail extract. Viviscal maximum strength helps to take care of your hair keeping it healthy and giving a more voluminous appearance to your hair, especially in older men, since with age the hair weakens more and more due to external aggressions and its deterioration.

It is recommended to complement these hair vitamins with the rest of the products of the Viviscal Men Growth and Hair Care range to increase their effects, since they nourish from within and prepare the scalp to be conditioned for any aggression.

Mode of use

  1. - Take two tablets a day for a minimum period of 3-6 months.
  2. - One in the morning and one at night with water after each meal.
  3. - Subsequently take 1-2 tablets a day as necessary.
  4. - LViviscal tablets are easily swallowed.


AminoMar C ™ (906mg) helps reduce hair loss by providing the necessary proteins for hair growth; Vitamin C (60mg), Zinc (15mg), Flax Extract (100mg), Horsetail Extract (49mg) help hair grow faster due to the fact that this package of extracts and nutrients provides a perfect environment for hair growth.


9 out of 10 consumers indicated that their hair looked thicker and fuller after 1 week using the Viviscal product line. 77% of consumers agreed that Viviscal shampoo left their hair much softer after a single application.

About Viviscal

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