• Caboki


    Caboki is a breakthrough for hair loss, its natural keratin fibres adhere to hair, hiding highlights and transforming fine hair into full volume hair. Used by thousands of people around the world, Caboki instantly eliminates the appearance of lack of hair. You will regain confidence instantly. 

  • Ds Laboratories

    Ds Laboratories

    DS  Laboratories,  world  leader  in  creating  products  to  treat  hair  with  hair  problems,  has  a mission  to  radically  change  the  personal  care  landscape  by  developing  technologies  that make  a  significant  difference  in  the  lives  of  our  clients.  First,  DS  Laboratories  is  an aggressive technology company focused on product innovation to stop hair loss. 

  • Foligain


    Foligain is a leader in hair care technology innovation and creation. Its products have the main  function  of  thickening  fine  hair,  controlling  hair  loss  and  regenerating  the  growth  of new hair that is totally healthy and full of strength. Thanks to the quality, effectiveness and affordable prices of their products, it is one of the best-selling brands on our website

  • Kapilab


    Thanks to the creation of a new range of cosmetic products that solves issues related to hair loss, Kapilab Fibers have changed the lives of millions of men and women around the world, improving their looks while regaining confidence and a more youthful appearance.

  • Kerzo


    Kerzo is a Spanish brand belonging to the Eugene Perma España SA group. Kerzo is characterized by offering maximum hair care. They help in the day to day with anti-hair loss products.

  • Kosswell


    The Kosswell products gamut offers a professional cosmetic line for every day. Obtain the best Kosswell products in Uphairs.

  • Nizoral


    Nizoral is a brand dedicated to create products to alleviate capilar problems. Nizoral launched a revolutionary anti-dandruff shampoo. A three months treatment that cure and prevent dandruff.

  • Regaine


    Regaine has the best product for treating hereditary hair loss. Start taking care of yourself with Regaine.

  • Revivogen


    The Revivogen products gamut is made of reliable, natural and effective ingredients. Those ingredients stimulate the hair follicles during the growth phase and they focus on controlling the main cause for hair loss (DHT). Those natural ingredientes were chosen thanks to independent medical researches that demonstrated that Revivogen products do not have potential side effects. With three easy steps, Revivogen makes fighting hair loss easy with a natural treatment that will make you gain confidence.

  • Revlon


    Revlon was found in 1932 by Charles and Joseph Revson and a chemist called Charles Lachman, who contributed to the name with the “L”. The three founders joined their resources and knowledge and developed a unique fabrication process. Revlon developed a variety of new nail polish tones using pigments instead of colourants. In 1937, Revlon started selling its products in department stores and pharmacies where it became established and made itself known.

    In a few years, the enterprise became a billionaire society. As time went by, the brand continued innovating and creating new products like those specialised in strengthen the hair and preventing premature hair loss, among others.

  • Sashapure


    The first organic Sacha Inchi oil hair care brand. To create the healthiest and most effective hair care products, Sashapure knew they had to use the healthiest and most effective ingredients. That is why Sacha Inchi oil is the base of all formulas. Sashapure's natural ingredients will enhance the beauty and protect the overall health of the hair, regardless of the texture. Hair will look, feel and smell great, along with a no-fuss hairstyle. Sashapure products are proven to detangle, heal and nourish as well as anti-aging, breakage and moisture retention. Additionally, all products are not tested on animals and the brand has been named by "People" magazine with its perfectly defining curl cream as the best and carries the "best product of the year".

  • Schwarzkopf


    More  than  111  years  old,  Schwarzkopf  is  one  of  the  leading  hair  cosmetics  brands worldwide. It responds to the high demands required by consumers regarding the quality and effectiveness of their products. 

  • Shiseido


    It offers a series of advanced revitalising treatments, which enhance the effect of its ingredients thanks to the cutting-edge technology that Shiseido uses in the creation of its products to combat hair loss in men, revitalising the scalp.

  • Spa of Iceland

    Spa of Iceland

    Spa of Iceland's products are created and developed by Icelandic cosmetics entrepreneurs Haraldur Jóhannsson and Fjóla Gudrun Fridriksdóttir. The couple has been manufacturing hair care products under their own brand name since 2001. Their passion for creating high quality cosmetic products influenced by Icelandic nature comes naturally to them as they care deeply about their environment by making products that are pure and clean, but also environmentally friendly.

    Spa of Iceland's products are inspired by the clean water, fresh air and geothermal energy that are important elements of the Icelandic environment. The couple have been lucky enough to work with some amazing chemists, hair care specialists and healthcare professionals in developing the Spa of Iceland products.

  • Swell


    Swell is a British manufacturer that has been awarded with really important prizes in the world of capilar care. It stands out because its product line is 100% natural and provides volume to thin hair from the very first day using it. Swell is much more than a product to give volume. Each product is part of a system patented by the brand called “Swell 3 Steps System”. It is fast, easy to use and really effective. To fulfil all the needs of its clients, Swell sells all its products in different formats.

  • Toppik


    With more than 30 of experience, Toppik has created a new category of cosmetic solutions for thinning  hair.  Toppik  Spain  has  given  millions  of  men  and  women  around  the  world  the confidence  and  security  of  having  thicker  hair  with  more  volume  and  a  more  youthful appearance 

  • Veta


    Veta's Clinical Skin & Hair Care is made in the USA and is used by dermatologists, beauty salons, and for daily home care. Our products are formulated to correct the signs of aging, protect healthy skin and hair, and prevent future damage. The Veta line has been developed to stimulate hair health and reduce hair loss in all ages.

    All of these proprietary formulations are backed by scientific research and contain the highest concentrations of proven ingredients currently available. Safe, clinically proven, without drugs.