Revivogen products

The Revivogen products gamut is made of reliable, natural and effective ingredients. Those ingredients stimulate the hair follicles during the growth phase and they focus on controlling the main cause for hair loss (DHT). Those natural ingredientes were chosen thanks to independent medical researches that demonstrated that Revivogen products do not have potential side effects. With three easy steps, Revivogen makes fighting hair loss easy with a natural treatment that will make you gain confidence.

  • Complete Revivogen Pack
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    Complete Revivogen Pack

    The Complete Revivogen Pack is made up of Revivogen Treatment, Revivogen Shampoo and Revivogen Conditioner.


    - Natural ingredients. - Dermatologically tested.
    - Combats hair loss.  - Hydrates the scalp.
    - It is recommended to apply the three steps of the treatment. - For men and women.
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  • Revivogen anti-oil shampoo

    Revivogen anti-oil shampoo

    The Revivogen Anti-oil Shampoo is made up of natural ingredientes that provide freshness to your scalp. It is one of the few products that clinically helps to reduce DHT production by blocking it.


    - Natural ingredients.  - Dermatologically tested.
    - It eliminates the oil.  - It hidrates the scalp.
    - 360ml format.  - For men and women.
  • Revivogen Conditioner

    Revivogen Conditioner

    The Revivogen Conditioner is a product that together with Revivogen shampoo will thicken your hair. Beside stopping hair loss, it will provide the necessary nutrients to keep your hair healthy. This conditioner can be used by men and women.


    - Natural ingredients.  - More volume.
    - It strengthen your hair.  - 360ml format.
  • Revivogen Scalp Therapy

    Revivogen Scalp Therapy

    El Revivogen Treatment promotes thicker, fuller and healthier hair.


    - Natural ingredients.  - Dermatologically tested.
    - Eliminate sebum.  - Thicken hair.
    - Treat hair loss.  - For men and women.