Kerzo Products

Kerzo is a Spanish brand belonging to the Eugene Perma España SA group. Kerzo is characterized by offering maximum hair care. They help in the day to day with anti-hair loss products.

  • Kerzo anti-dandruff purifying shampoo

    Composed of effective purifying active principles that helo to keep your scalp clean eliminating the dandruff. 


    - It eliminates the dandruff. - Normal hair.
    - It calms the scalp. - 400ml. format.
  • Kerzo nutritive anti-hair loss shampoo

    Kerzo Nutritive Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo treats dry hair and hair loss.


    - It hydrates the hair. - It nourishes the hair.
    - It stimulates and revitalise the scalp. - 400ml. format.

  • Kerzo Revitalising Shampoo

    The Kerzo Revitalising shampoo is designed for hair loss. It directly acts on the roots to reactivate the cycle of natural growth of the hair.


    - It reduces hair loss. - It increases the capilar density.
    - Common use. - 250 ml.