Kosswell Products

The Kosswell products gamut offers a professional cosmetic line for every day. Obtain the best Kosswell products in Uphairs.

  • Blisters Koxidil Anti Hair... Blisters Koxidil Anti Hair...

    Blisters Koxidil Anti Hair Loss

    Effective treatment that combats the main causes responsible for hair loss. Kosswell's anti-loss ampoules are a professional anti-loss treatment that helps regulate the life cycle of the hair, reducing the phase of loss.

    - Increases the strength of the hair. - Better microcirculation.
    - Nourishes and provides density. - Prevents functional alterations.
    - Regulates the life cycle of the hair. - Format: 12 ampoules of 6ml.

  • Shampoo Clean Scalp

    Clean scalp anti-dandruff shampoo

    This shampoo eliminates the dandruff and strengthens your hair.

    - It revitalises the hair. - It eliminates the dandruff.
    - It cleans the scalp. - 500ml format.
  • Kosswell anti-oil fit...

    Kosswell anti-oil fit balance shampoo

    The Kosswell anti-oil Fit Balance Shampoo reduces and modulates the oil apparition on your scalp.


    - It nourishes the hair. - It balances the scalp.
    - No rebound effect. - 500ml. format.
  • Shampoo daily use Kosswell

    Kosswell daily use shampoo

    The Kosswell Daily Use Shampoo fights the external aggressions thanks to its Pro-Vitamin B5 nutrients action.


    - It nourishes your hair. - It balances the scalp.
    - Pro-Vitamin B5. - 500ml. format.
  • Kosswell Gas-free Lacquer

    Kosswell Gas-free Lacquer

    Koswell Gas-Free lacquer provides a strong fixation for the final touch of your hairstyle. It provides an instantaneous fixation with a 100% natural aspect.

    - For men and women.- It fixes the hair.
    - It can be used to fix the hair fibres.- Ecological.
  • Kosswell Regenerating Shampoo

    Kosswell Regenerating Shampoo

    Shampoo enriched with vitamins and active ingredients created to combat hair loss.

    - Prevents falling. - Provides shine and vitality.
    - Cleanses the scalp. - Format: 500 ml.
  • Kosswell volume plus shampoo

    Kosswell volume plus shampoo

    The Kosswell Volumen Plus Shampoo gives volume to thin hair. It thickens your hair in a short time.


    - It increases the volume of the hair. - It thickens the hair.
    - It cleans the scalp. - 500 ml.
  • Hair loss shampoo Cito Complex Montibello

    Montibello anti-hair loss shampoo

    Soft Shampoo composed of surfactants that take care and protect sensitive scalps.


    - It strengthens. - It restructure the capilar fibre.
    - It energises. - 300 ml.