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Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements for Women

Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements for Women

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Viviscal Women's Supplements Contains AminomarC, a protein component that treats hair from its growth.


- It hydrates the hair.  - It accelerates growth.
- More shine. - 250 ml format.


Viviscal offers the best hair treatment for women that helps to treat problems with the scalp and hair, leaving it healthier, more hydrated and stronger. These vitamins for hair are ideal for women who want to get healthier hair in a natural way. Viviscal maximum strength is made up of nutrients such as biotin and zinc, which will help your hair to continue to grow healthy and strong from the roots. With the passage of time, hair growth is reduced, as it weakens more and more and thus loses volume, so it is important to have a diet rich in specific nutrients to be able to treat hair loss and loss capillary volume.



  1. - Take two tablets a day for a minimum period of 3-6 months.
  2. - One in the morning and one at night with water after each meal.
  3. - Subsequently take 1-2 tablets a day as necessary.
  4. - Viviscal tablets are easily swallowed.


AminoMar C ™ (906mg) helps reduce hair loss by providing the necessary proteins for hair growth; Vitamin C (60mg), Zinc (15mg), Flax Extract (100mg), Horsetail Extract (49mg) help hair grow faster due to the fact that this package of extracts and nutrients provides a perfect environment for hair growth.


9 out of 10 consumers indicated that their hair looked thicker and fuller after 1 week using the Viviscal product line. 77% of consumers agreed that Viviscal shampoo left their hair much softer after a single application.

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