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Revita stimulating shampoo

Revita stimulating shampoo

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The Revita Stimulating Shampoo stops hair loss and increases the vitality of your scalp improving its health.


- Easy application.  - It thickens your hair.
- It provides volume.  - It delays hair loss.
- Nice smell.  - 205ml format.


The Revita Stimulating Shampoo is specially designed to keep the vitality of our scalp and improve its health. From the first use, it begins to act on your scalp and the follicles to obtain a healthier hair avoiding its premature loss. This product is not made up of chemical substances that can damage your hair.

It combines the anti DHT action to avoid oily hair. It also stimulates the hair growth in a healthier and stronger way. Combining the Revita Stimulating Shampoo with another DS LABORATORIES product, you’ll obtain better results in less time.

The DS LABORATORIES products prevent premature hair loss, delay hair ageing and nourish it.



Mode of use

The daily use of the Revita Stimulating Shampoo improves the vitality of your scalp and keeps the quality of your hair. This shampoo stimulates the growth of healthy hair.

  1. - Apply on wet hair.
  2. - Give a massage with your fingertips.
  3. - Leave to act for 3-5 minutes.
  4. - Apply again if necessary.


Apple polyphenol, Caffeine, Rooibos tea, Taurine, Copper peptides, Methylsulfonylmethane, Carnitine tartrate, Cysteine, Spin traps, Biotin, Ornithine, Emu oil.


The Revita Stimulating Shampoo is dermatologically tested. Its powerful combination of active ingredients encapsulated in Nanosomas help to stop the hair loss stimulating the growth of new hair, getting better results.


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