Minoxidil is a vasodilator treatment used for androgenetic baldness. Minoxidil is used to stimulate hair growth in people who are losing hair. It stimulates the hair growth by improving the blood supply to the pilose follicles. The topic solutions with Minoxidil stimulate hair growth. The positive effects of Minoxidil can take 4-6 months. Minoxidil has its main effect on the top of the head. It is necessary to apply 1ml twice per day to obtain visible benefits. It is recommended to apply Minoxidil at least four hours before having a shower or working out and apply it ALWAYS on dry and clean scalp. The main disadvantage of Minoxidil is that if you stop using it while the hair is growing, you will lose your hair in the next three months.>


Side Effects

Minoxidil is a medicine that has been clinically tested and it’s one of the most effective anti-hair loss treatments right now. As any other medicine, the use of Minoxidil can have a series of mild side effects as the following ones:



- Skin redness.

- Dry scalp.

- Scalp stinging or burning.

- Mild pain in the roots of your hair.



- Skin redness.

- Headache.

- Hair growth on your face.

- Tachycardia.

- Blurry vision.

We recommend you to visit a specialist who must be who recommends you the use of Minoxidil to get your hair back after analysing your situation.


As an alternative to Minoxidil, we have less reactive products, but as affective as Minoxidil. Those products contain Trioxidil. Trioxidil Foligain is an intensive topical solution designed for women and men with thin hair. Its innovative triple action formula with 10% Trioxidil helps the follicles from the inside, taking care of the hair loss problem. We have a few products for men and women.

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