Two Toppik 55 gr and a Fiberhold Spray as Gift

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Take 2 units of 55 gr Toppik and get the spray Fiberhold as a GIFT.

A fixing quality to maintain the fibers in their hair keratin longer.

Choose the color that best suits your needs.

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What is it for?
This product once applied, seems to have more body and quantity. They disappear clarities scalp.
Flagship product!

Toppik fibers will join your hair by static electricity. Simply shake Toppik fibers, and apply them in the area or areas where you want to apply the product, and without any other process, the fibers were set your hair all day and all night. It is the secret weapon used by millions of men and women around the world.
The product should be applied to dry hair, to have the desired effect.
In an industry plagued by companies that offer false promises, Toppik stands out as one of the products tested by consumers and dermatologists, endorsed by specialists in hair loss, hair transplant surgeons and medical centers.

Toppik is 100% guaranteed.

Please note that Toppik is 100% compatible with Minoxidil.
If you use a liquid treatment, you must wait between 30 and 45 minutes after applying the product to use Toppik. It is recommended to wait this time because when we apply the treatment, scalp hair follicles open and have to wait a while for these to close and thus prevent the Toppik product accessed.

The Toppik Spray is a spray Fiberhold specifically developed to enhance the effect between Toppik fibers and hair.

What is it for?

This serves to fix the spray TOPPIK not cakes hair, leaving a natural movement and hair.

Unlike other sprays, it used this formula to naturally assemble sophisticated hair fibers with resins, and thus providing greater durability.

Pro Vitamin B5 and natural ingredients derived soften and condition the hair and fibers; thus giving a completely natural appearance with a balanced pH of 5.5 for optimum results with Toppik Hair Building Fibers.

To have a much softer and bulkier style, you can brush after the product dries without any problems.

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About Toppik - Spencer Forrest

Toppik - Spencer Forrest

See your head full of hair in just 30 seconds. Toppik is made of keratin protein 100% natural, of different colors. Toppik fibers are blended imperceptibly with your existing hair, hair instantly notice a thicker and fuller.