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Thing Hair  

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21,00 €
Revita Shampoo is specially designed to maintain the vitality of our scalp.

15,95 €
Toppik Hair Building Shampoo works to thicken your hair with a unique complex of Keratin proteins.

26,50 €
Designed to give volume and thicken thin and thinning hair. Because it is composed of natural ingredients in 97% of its composition, you get get a maximum feeling of cleanliness after each application. Clean hair lasts longer.
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7,80 €
Add volume to thin hairs. - Increases hair volume.              - Gives body to hair- Clean the scalp.
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19,95 €
Ideal for fine hair, it stimulates and refreshes the scalp offering an energizing action.. - stronger hair.           - Accelerates growth.-  Ideal for fine hair .   - 250 ml format.
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