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Greasy Hair Shampoo  

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11,85 €
Wella shampoo cleans our hair eliminating the waste elements of the product.

25,00 €
Revivogen all natural medicated shampoo is one of the few shampoos on earth that contains ingredients clinically proven to help inhibit DHT binding and formation.

17,90 €
The company DS Laboratories Dandrene launches anti dandruff shampoo that will remove and slow the appearance of dandruff and grease our scalp.

7,80 €
Reduces and modulates the appearance of Grease on the scalp. - Nourishes hair.                              - Balances the scalp.- Don´t cause rebound effects.
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3,20 €
Shampoo anti loss of daily use specially designed for greasy hair.
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23,95 €
Composed of balancing shampoo and concentrated treatment sebum regulator. - Normalizes sebum creation.                      - Hypoallergenic.- Cleanses the scalp in depth.
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