Vitamins for hair


vitaminas para el pelo

During the course of the day, our hair is in a constant renewal what is normal hair loss, as long as this is not very abundant.

Lack of vitamins in our body: B, B3, B5, B6, B7, iron, silica, can cause hair loss. However if you have a diet rich in vitamías and all kinds of nutrients, we will create the right environment so we can have a hair full of strength and vitality.

Consuming eggs, liver, cereals and bread yeast, we will take vitamins B7 or biotin, that one of the main vitamins to keep hair strong.

Whole grains and egg yolks provide Vitamin B5.

Products such as brewer's yeast, wheat germ, whole grains and nuts contribute to our body vitamins B3.

Vitamin A can be found in liver oil, in dairy, in meat, carrots, ...

Vitamin A is also very important for healthy hair, is vitamin C, which can be found in orange juice, lemon, kiwi.

Available on the market, many vitamin supplements that contain all kinds of vitamins, but remember that these should be advised by a specialist, who after studying your case should send you one kind or another vitamin pill to stop hair loss and to have a healthy hair.

We can say that as always, you have a rich and varied diet will help us to have good health and thus a good hair.