Minoxidil Side Effects

efectos secundarios minoxidil

Minoxidil is a drug that has been clinically tested and is currently in the most effective Hair loss treatments on the market, such as Rogaine treatments and DS Laboratories .

Like any medication , the use of minoxidil can cause a range of mild side effects, which we discuss below:

Among the most common are :


- Redness of the skin.
- Dryness of the scalp.
- Stinging or itching of the scalp .
- Slight pain at the root of the hair.


- Redness of the skin.
- Headache .
- Aparicioon of facial hair .
- Tachycardia .
- Blurred vision

The side effects discussed above are the most common although admittedly need not cause any of them when using minoxidil. Should meet with any of them , you should see a dermatologist or hair specialist to study our case.

We recommend you are a specialist who recommended the use of Minoxidil for hair recovery after studying the case of each patient.