- How to hide gray hair? Root Vanish

Many of us every day we look in the mirror and discover that we have those annoying gray in her hair. Fearing that removing them can get out more, try to hide covering them with our own hair.

With Root Vanish manufactured by the Japanese company Kazumi, we will cover gray hair easily without get dirty, getting a really natural result without leaving residue on the hair or scalp.

Thanks to the range of colors offered by the manufacturer, get gray hair dyed the same color as the rest of our hair without the need to use dyes that damage the hair.

- Palette Root Vanish

root vanish

Root Vanish also coloring the gray or white hair, rebuilds and nourishes to improve their quality. This is a clear gel which does not drip and simplest implementation.

It is a thick brush, which incorporates a valve at the top to allow thereby applying the desired product in each zone of our hair. Thanks to its rapid drying, it will take us a few seconds to get the desired look and hide those pesky gray. Being a gel composed of 22 botanical extracts, not irritate or stain.

To remove the product from the hair, so we'll just wash the head with our regular shampoo.

Due to its effectiveness and durability, you will get reduce your visits to the hairdresser and save some money on your gray cover.

Another use of Root Vanish has caught our attention is the application over the beard; today there is a tendency to take many long and well maintained.

In Uphairs we endorse the effectiveness and safety of this product for our customers.

We can assure that you will be surprised / or the result obtained and can cover your gray safely.

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