Hair Loss Treatments

If we suffer from hair loss, we want to find the cure, and there are many treatments to stop this hair loss.

Here are some of the products for hair loss that are available in our Website. Which have been giving excellent results to stop hair loss.

- Intragen Ampoules

- Intragen Foam

- Rogaine Foam

- Wella anti-hair loss protection Lotion

- Minoxidil Spectral UHP

- Intragen Patches

- Revivogen treatment

- Schwarzkopf Serum

- Revive Treatment

We advise that in order to achieve the results you want, you must be consistent with your treatment for hair loss and follow the time recommended by your specialist.

It is very important to see a dermatologist or specialist who can recommend the type of hair loss treatment that you should use based on your capillary problems.
It is also ideal to have several opinions from specialist in order to find the best product that will benefit you the most.