Hair loss in women


Hair loss in women is a symptom that most women suffer every day around the world; this is mainly due to hormonal problems, stress, depression, or poor nutrition.

Unlike with men, hair loss in women occurs throughout the scalp, it is very uncommon for women to suffer hair loss on the sides.
Women suffering from extensive hair loss, should contact a dermatologist for evaluation and a working solution to the problem of hair loss in women.

There are a great variety of treatments to stop hair loss in women, but they should all be used constantly, since none of the expected results will come if we do not follow the treatment as indicated by our specialist.
To prevent hair loss, you should not do tie you hair too tight or use products that can damage the hair.
Usually women lose hair abundance during: pregnancy and menopause.
The most common types of alopecia in women are:
- Alopecia Areata.
- Androgenic Alopecia.
- Diffuse Alopecia.
- Cicatricial Alopecia.