Hair Loss

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Today, hair loss has become a concern for many men and women as each day more people are affected by hair loss problems.

Hair loss can occur due to many factors, but mainly due to stress, poor diet or hereditary problems of alopecia.

In women, when they suffer hair loss, they usually fall all over the scalp. However, in men this does not usually happen, as they always tend to lose hair in the upper part of the head is rarely miss the side or the back.

Any hair loss can be treated with the right product, but we have to keep in mind that there must be a specialist that we recommend a specific treatment for our problem or another.

To get the expected results when using a treatment, we must be constantly using the same, and always applying the recommended by the specialist, as an overdose of treatment will not recover as quickly as the hair.

Many experts recommend the use of 5% minoxidil with Propecia to stop hair loss and reduce falling. Likewise, there are shampoos that help curb ANTI hair loss, we must be patient until we find one that best go.

We know that hair loss can be treated and we can solve this problem.