Biotin for hair


Biotin, also known as vitamin B8 or H, is very important for our metabolism which regulates the level of fats, amino acids, carbohydrates and purines.
Currently, biotin hair has become very popular because of the publicity given in products like horse shampoo.
Biotin is water soluble, in that way; our organism will remove the urine or sweat from our body, without risking to have an overdose.
The shampoos containing biotin provide greater strength to the hair and prevent hair loss. Currently one of the best known shampoos is called horse shampoos. We find this type of product in supermarkets.

We can also mention that there are certain foods that contain biotin such as liver, kidney, egg yolk, yeast, and we use it if we need to provide our body with the vitamin.
Oily fish is one of the foods that provides vitamin A (sardine, tuna).
Products such as brewer's yeast, rice, flour, wheat, tree nuts (walnuts), fruits like avocado and apple also provide our body with biotin.
It is best to obtain this vitamin directly from foods instead of getting them from pills, since our body is working naturally to get this vitamin.
As long as we keep a very nutritious and varied diet, we will be contributing our bodies get the level of biotin necessary to have a 100% healthy hair.