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18,50 €
The Toppik Spray Applicator will improve the results you have with Toppik from the first time you apply.

29,00 €
This massager, acts on the scalp to improve the efficiency of Hair Loss treatments you are using.

7,50 €
It can be difficult to achieve a natural looking front hairline.

11,00 €
Toppik FiberHold Spray is a fine mist specifically developed to increase the bond between Toppik Fibers and thinning hairs.

10,00 €
Ecological strong hold hairspray to give a final touch to your hairstyle. Get instant fixation with 100% natural. This package is presented in a format of 380 ml.
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4,00 €
If you have streaks in your hair and you need to mix two types of Toppik colours, with this accessory you can mix them properly.
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